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These Three Goals Will Help Your Family Look and Feel Your Best – Pandemic or Not!

These Three Goals Will Help Your Family Look and Feel Your Best – Pandemic or Not!

If you feel like the pandemic has left your family in a slump, you aren’t alone. Even as we adjust routines, this “new normal” has made both parents and kids fall into habits that keep us from feeling like ourselves. Sure, staying in pyjamas all day sure is comfortable, but when was the last time you looked in the mirror and felt like you were ready to take on the world? Or maybe life with kids at home is so busy you haven’t been able to exercise in a while.

Whatever slump your family is in, the surefire way to break out of it is to set healthy goals. These goals will make you love what you see in the mirror, but most importantly, they’ll have your whole family feeling happy and healthy again.

Set a Style Goal

We’ve all heard of health goals and career goals, but style goals? The idea behind setting a style goal is this: anytime you want to make a change, setting a goal helps ensure you actually follow through. So why do you need a style goal? For many of us, the pandemic has become an excuse to wear lounge clothes most of the time. In fact, this has become so widespread that The New Yorker dubbed it the “slob-chic style” of the pandemic.

There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, and as InStyle predicts, there may even be a post-pandemic trend toward simple, comfortable wardrobe staples, rather than uncomfortable and restrictive work clothes (especially for women). This is a trend we can get behind, but it starts with you setting a personal goal to achieve both comfort and style. For women, your bra is the perfect example of clothing that doesn’t have to be something you dread putting on. Instead of hating your bra, maybe your style goal should be to swap it out for underwire-free bras that are easy to wear and that look as good as they feel.

Once you do, maybe you’ll feel like branching out even more. Creating a Pinterest board is a pandemic-friendly way to get some wardrobe inspiration, especially if you want to focus on looks that combine comfort with style. Don’t forget about the rest of the family, too! Kids and husbands may not get as excited about new clothes, but everyone feels better with a fresh new look.

Set Family Health Goals

The idea here is to set realistic goals to keep your family’s health on track, which will (a.) give you a little motivation to get moving, and (b.) give you a sense of satisfaction when you achieve them. Consider starting with this guide from USA Today, which brings together unique exercise ideas for the whole family, like walking, tennis, pilates, and workout apps. Another fun way to keep active is to enjoy outdoor adventures as a family, such as biking, hiking, or even having a nature scavenger hunt.

If one of your goals is to eat healthily, consider trying some new recipes that are nutrient-packed and kid-friendly. To help you get a jump start on this goal, the Harvard School of Public Health has “Food and Fun” packets with recipes, meal planning tips, and ideas for snack time. Older kids may even enjoy helping out in the kitchen!

Set Self-Care Goals

Last but certainly not least, make a self-care goal – and encourage the rest of your family to do the same. Scheduling self-care can be especially hard for moms, which is why setting a goal is so helpful. Think about what you need most from this time, like a hygge sense of contentment or a home salon treatment. Then work with your family to determine how to fit this into your busy schedule.

The point of setting these goals is to bring your whole family back into balance. Freshening up your wardrobe, getting some exercise, eating well…these goals are essential for your health, no matter what’s going on in the world. We promise – moms, dads, and even kids will feel more energized, more confident, and ready to take on the world!

These Three Goals Will Help Your Family Look and Feel Your Best – Pandemic or Not!


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