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100 UK based Mum Bloggers to Follow

Best mom blogs to follow

I'm compiling a list of the mum bloggers based in the UK. The list will be organized alphabetically. If you are a mum blogger based in the UK and want to add your blog to this list, please comment it below and we will add it. As this is a long list, it will be updated regularly so better bookmark this post if you want to follow the mum bloggers of the UK.

A Mum Reviews is the ultimate review site for parents of children of all ages, from pregnancy to those tricky teenage years. Written by Petra Robertson, the blogs covers babies, children, parenting, beauty, pampering, books, food, travel and family life in general. Mother of two young girls herself, Petra embraces her own experiences and happily gives tips from her wealth of personal knowledge. Petra embraces honest reviews, approaching each subject (whether it be product, day out or service) directly – providing all the essential information a reader may need, and also writing with the busy mum in mind; no review is longer than it needs to be. Petra has truly created the ultimate family review site!

Boo Roo and Tigger Too is written by Boo – the mum in the family, Sarah Anguish. She covers family life with her children Roo, 10, the very active chatterbox and dancing queen; Tigger, 6, who is the fussy eater and lover of learning; and Piglet, 1, the wild child who rips things up with Thomas & Friends. Sarah started the blog (before Piglet was born) to track her journey through motherhood while juggling work, childcare, being a wife and having a life. It’s now grown to include honest reviews, fun family days out and everything else that comes from having a busy family life. Sarah has been a finalist at the Vuelio Blog Awards and has shot up this ranking, rising from a previous ninth spot. Jen better look out at number one, Boo Roo and Tigger Too show no signs of stopping.

It hardly needs an introduction – BritMums is one of the most well-known collectives of mummy bloggers in the UK, and has been a dominate force in the industry since its inception in 2008. Known as the UK’s ‘leading collective of lifestyle bloggers and digital influencers’, BritMums has over 8,000 social influencers covering more than 15,000 blogs. For bloggers, BritMums provides advice and support, promoting bloggers in the network and helping to monetize their creations. For brands, they connect the leading businesses with the best bloggers, allowing collaborations to flourish. BritMums was founded by Susanna Scott and Jennifer Howze, and the pair are now joined by a team who together provide life hacks, blog advice, posts about running a small business, and budgeting tips as well as classic parenting content like easy recipes and travel advice. BritMums is firmly established as a vital part of the UK’s parenting blogger scene.

Emmy’s Mummy – and Harry’s Too! tracks the family life of Clare (Emmy’s Mummy), husband Paul, daughter Emmy, 11, son Harry, 9, and dog Barney. Clare has over 14 years’ experience as a nanny and, as such, has a unique perspective on parenting and dealing with a variety of child-related issues, from the fun stuff to the tricky challenges. Now focused on her own two children, and juggling parenthood with a work-at-home career of blogging, social media consultancy and freelance writing, Clare’s blog has grown into a must-read for parents both new and old (ahem!). Posts cover a range of popular subjects from product reviews and days out to funny anecdotes and that invaluable advice that really sets Emmy’s Mummy – and Harry’s Too! apart.

Carol lives in Kent with her partner and two beautiful boys (aged 6 and 4). After a long time in the music, festival, and travel industries and the high-pressure environments and long commutes, she finally committed to full-time parenting. Giving birth to her boys at the age of 34 and 35 respectively. She started Grit & Glamour Club as a stay-at-home mum and freelance copywriter. It is mostly about self-care for mums and sharing her experiences, parenting tips, and much more.

Jen Walshaw writes Mum In The Madhouse, a parenting blog that’s also a mecca of creative crafts and child-friendly activities. With two boys of her own, 15 and 16, Jen is passionate about raising creative children while giving them skills that will last a lifetime. If you’re into apps and video games, then look away – Mum In The Madhouse is messy, artsy, creative and fun for both the children and the parents – and as her children grow up, the activities become more adventurous and Jen’s creativity seemingly knows no bounds. Jen also has a candid approach to discussing family life and covers a diverse range of parenting subjects from building and maintaining a family home to saving for your children’s future. To add to her number one spot in the ranking, Jen is a Vuelio Blog Awards winner, having bagged the Best Mum Blog in 2016!

A brand new entry to the ranking, Mudpie Fridays shoots straight in to number five. Written by Clare, and featuring her two boys – Monkey and Kipper, Mudpie Fridays tracks a mum who aims to create a happy work/life balance. Though she feels this is being achieved with varying degrees of success, Clare’s blog is on the rise and her successes are plain to see to everyone. The blog covers child-friendly activities, product reviews and personal views, with Clare’s accessible and relatable style evident throughout. Clare has also managed to maintain a high level of comments on her posts, which is rare to see in today’s social media world. We’re thrilled Mudpie Fridays has made the ranking and can’t wait to see what Clare does next!

Cerys Parker had a plan for her life that completely changed. After three miscarriages and two difficult pregnancies, Cerys’ career as a teacher was no longer possible and a new life emerged, one that she embraced and has ultimately thrived in. Rainy Day Mum was borne out of a need to keep her young children entertained, but now it’s a repository of fun activities, days out and creative crafts, showing what family life can be like when it’s being lived to the max. Cerys provides a keen audience with a plethora of ideas, allowing everyone to get creative and enrich their lives as a family. Cerys’ story is truly inspirational and, thankfully, her blog is too.

What can we say about Jo Middleton and Slummy Single Mummy that hasn’t been said already? Not only is Jo one of the most experienced and successful individuals in the UK’s blogosphere, but she’s also been at the forefront of the parent blogging scene since she first began in 2009. Slummy Single Mummy is a multi-award-winning blog (picking up both Best Mum Blog and Best UK Blog at the Vuelio Blog Awards 2015) that is a perfect mix of product/activity reviews and personal views and ‘rants’. Jo’s wit and charm shine through in every post, making her column-like content appealing to thousands of readers. A previous leader of this ranking, Jo’s blog is steadily evolving beyond parenting as her children grow up (in one case, becoming a blogger themselves!) and her content now reflects broader lifestyle topics (and increasingly her, admittedly adorable, cats). Hundreds of thousands of readers and dozens of brands know that Jo’s content remains special no matter what she’s covering, and it seems effortless for her to find ways to make her audience come back for more.

Another new entry to the ranking, Sparkles & Stretchmarks is written by Hayley McLean. The blog follows the adventures of Hayley and her three children: Tyne, five this month, Noah, three this month, and Sailor, two last month. Hayley writes about family life in all its glory, from the wonderful highs (three birthdays in two months!) to the less appealing lows. Sparkles & Stretchmarks is talking therapy for Hayley, who hopes to appeal to like-minded mummies of young children, fellow anxiety sufferers, and busy women of today. The blog ultimately draws on Hayley’s personal experiences and has used the blog to connect with other mothers that she is now able to share her journey of motherhood. The blog covers everything to do with being a mum from product reviews to yummy recipes, all in Hayley’s refreshingly honest style.

What’s remarkable about mummy blogs (and parenting blogs in general) is the ability for someone to come along and completely rock as both a mother and a blogger, shooting up the rankings and becoming one of the most well-known mummy bloggers in the UK. Enter Harriet Shearsmith. Harriet is a mother to three: two ‘crazy’ boys, Reuben and Tobias, and one ‘dictator’-like daughter, Edith. She writes about their adventures, activities and time together – always advocating the need for children to be children and finding time to encourage fun and frolics. Harriet is also a passionate feminist and oversharer, with passionate and revealing posts giving her audience a deep connection to both her and her subjects. After winning the Best Parenting Blog at the Vuelio Blog Awards 2017, Harriet is well on her way to parent-blogger superstardom.

Twinkles and More
Jemma is a mum of three, Oscar and the twins, Henry and Heidi. She started the blog when got known that she is pregnant with twins. The blog was to record memories of her life with the two at first but later the focus changed. The blog becomes a roller coaster ride of her parenting, travel, and adventure with her family. She loves traveling and has been passionate about exploring the world and that's why you will find a specific category for blog posts about Europe and trips. She reviews different beauty products, and yes restaurants too! But most of the time you would find her blogs about her travel.


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