Blog Income & Statistics - September 2018


I started my blog in February 2018 as a hobby to share what I read, listen, love, experience, travel, use and everything else in my life....

I knew that people are earning extra money blogging so I decided to monetize my blog since then. I didn't knew much about affiliates, the only thing I was convinced with was Adsense. So I started struggling to get my blog get approved for Adsense. Fast forward a few months and now here I am. 

Blog Income & Statistics - September 2018

I will be sharing analytics of income earned (not received), which were earned in the respective month from 1st to the last day of the month. 

Blog Income - September 2018

Total August Blog Income: $0.19 
Adsense Ads – $0.19

Blog Analytics - September 2018

Users: 110
Page Views: 122

Why less Blog Traffic?

I think this is because I don't post often. Or maybe i don't have a huge following or whatever. I am not gonna stop here, I am not demotivated. I am still hopeful that time will come when I will post twice a week. I am still excited to write this income report. Yes! Everything comes with time and patience, hardworking & dedication. So, I'm on it. 

So now I have a plan.

I know, without a doubt, that I can make money blogging if I do it right. (And so can you!)

What will I do to grow my Blog & Income?
  • Post twice a week
  • Engage with Audience
Wait for my next month's Blog Income & Analytics. I can’t wait to share that with you. I would love to see how you are doing with your blog –– If you also publish your blog income reports – leave a link in the comments.

Or have a look at my Blogging Resources Page (all the resources that I have gathered over years)

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