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How to write your first blog post

How & What to write your first blog post

Writing your first blog post can seem like a monumental step but don’t let first post nerves stop you from pressing publish.
Your first post will never be your most popular post. Now that the pressure is off, what should you make your first post about?

9 ideas for your first blog post

Here are 9 ideas for first blog posts that work for almost all niches:

  1. Why you’re blogging – tell us a story about why you’ve started your blog.
  2. How you chose your blog name – tell us how did you come up with your name?
  3. 10 things this blog is about – share what topics you will cover on your blog.
  4. 10 things this blog is not about – a funny twist on the previous idea, define your blog by what you won’t be about.
  5. Your mission statement – share your brand message behind your blog and what you stand for.
  6. 10 things you didn’t know about me – introduce yourself with 10 little known facts about you.
  7. A tutorial – skip the introductions and show how useful your blog is for your readers.
  8. A photo essay – visualise your story or take us behind the scenes with a series of photographs.
  9. A vlog – make a personal video intro to your blog for new readers.

The more you write on your blog, the easier it becomes. Don’t hesitate on pressing publish on your first blog post. It’s just the start of your blogging journey.
Remember not to stress about your launch.
What is important is how you continue.
You have to be consistent and persistent to ensure your blog grows. Just hit publish on your first blog post and high five yourself for taking your first step towards your blogging goals.

What did you write in your first blog post? Were you nervous pressing publish the first time?
How & What to write your first blog post


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