Hi! I was wondering, how about I write up and mention the tools or resources I use for my blog. So, to help all other bloggers who are curious about blogging. I want to help mums start their blog and do blogging for their living. As it’s a safe and an easy way to make money. And the good news is that you don’t have to get out of home for it.

In my blogging career, I have used many tools for my blogs. Some useful while others not so useful. It’s a good thing to check out every new tool, But why waste time when I have used them and didn’t found them useful for my blog? So here I’ve compiled a list of the many tools, links, and resources over the years that I would recommend to everyone. Hopefully, this list will be a helpful resource for every blogger!

Starting your Blog

Blogging | Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog. If you’ve always wanted a place online to teach or express yourself, you need to start a blog! This post and video walkthrough will get you up and running before you finish that cup of coffee.

Blog Domain & Hosting

iPage. The one we are using for this blog.




WordPress Themes


Restored 316.

Feast Design Co.

Pretty Darn Cute Designs.


Elegant Themes

WordPress Plugins



Yoast SEO / WordPress SEO.

Promoting your Blog

Monetizing your Blog

Affiliate Marketing Networks