Easy Ways to Style Your Short Hair

Easy Ways to Style Your Short Hair

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” This is what Coco Chanel told us, and it is true on so many levels. Short hair can be incredibly liberating, bold, fierce and sexy. What Chanel did not tell us is that, when it comes to styling and managing short hair, it is no picnic. You have probably been approached with the phrase: “Oh, it must be so easy for you to get ready in the morning, with your hair short, you don’t have to do anything with it”.

Wrong! Short hair can be even more demanding to tame and frame than long hair, and the ladies who rock short bobs and pixie cuts are all too well familiar with this. But, the struggle can be over, or at least minimised as much as possible. Let us find out how to get maximum effect with minimum effort and nerve wreckage.

Morning is Wiser than Evening

1aThe first lesson every short-haired gal should know is that, when it comes to hair, it is better to wash in the morning. If you go to bed with freshly washed hair, you run the huge risk of waking up with that cowlick somewhere, and it is almost impossible to fix, regardless of the army consisting of gel, wax, mousse, styling crème you have at your disposal. So, as short hair takes less time to blow dry, get up a bit earlier and wash it, and leave the house fierce and confident, without having to resort to a hat or fedora to cover up the situation.

Show Me Some Pixie Love


The pixie cut is adorable. It can be sexy, cute, edgy, given the right tools and styling, you can turn it into whatever you want it to be. The most important thing that your stylist should know is how to give you a well-textured and chunky, but not too chunky cut. After that, the world is your oyster. You can use a little wax or hair pomade to de-flat and emphasise each lock. On more how to give your hair some flair visit ModCloth. If sleek and shiny is more up your alley, channel your inner Anne Hathaway, and get the chicest possible version of your pixie.

Bobs Need Curling Too

3aJust because your hair is short does not mean it cannot be versatile. There are hundreds of ways in which your bob can take on new forms. That bobs are deprived of curls is one of the biggest misconceptions there is. What you need is some good styling cream and a good, narrow curling wand like those from the Cloud Nine offer, and get ready for some curling wizardry. You can create soft waves, like the ones much loved by Emma Stone, or go full-curl. It is all up to you. And for a good dose of inspiration and know-how, you can always turn to Pinterest.

Accessorise ‘till You Drop

4aShort hair has amazing accessorising potential. You can improvise with a classy spin on your pixie by simply putting a great hair band like Michelle Williams and look incredibly cute and chic. You can also go Great Gatsby on your hair and rock some seriously bejewelled bands as well.

Braid Me Up

When it comes to those bob-rocking gals, good news – braids are not out of your reach. On this site alone, you can find eleven ways to braid that short hair, from halo and messy braid to cute updo and half-braid. The only thing you have to do is pick your favourite and get those idle hands to work!

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